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Zhejiang Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise integrating product development, production and marketing into one. Mainly by the power cable accessories business department and product technology R & D center together constitute, has been working to 10kV and 20kV, 35kV, 110kV power cable accessories industry, tries their best to for customers to provide quality products and services. %d%a Zhejiang million cited Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. products mainly include LS (GIS) silicone rubber cold shrinkable type cable terminal, LS silicone rubber and contraction type cable terminal head, European, American cable connectors, high voltage cable branch box, solid insulation ring network cabinet, heat shrinkable cable accessories, bus, bus box, insulator, and secondary cold press terminal, are widely applied to various environmental sites and climatic conditions, is a modern industrial park, commercial center, stations, ports, power distribution system such as a tunnel ideal accessory products. %d%a Zhejiang Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. with quality products, professional talent team and perfect after-sales service, the successful implementation of the Zhejiang as the center of the radiation national sales strategy, achieved good results, trusted by the user. Electric power equipment products is an important part of the national power grid, directly affecting the national power grid security, so we have been rigorous, loyal, professional, and strive to do better! %d%a company to "integrity, innovation, efficiency, excellence," the core values as the company and employee behavior guidance mode, with "people-oriented, technology leadership, breakthrough beyond, win-win cooperation" business philosophy to provide customers with cost-effective products and quality services.

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